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Jon Peltier emailed me today and suggested that the Favourites add-in would be even a little bit better if you could open multiple files from your favourite folders at the same time. Despite my intention to put it off until I'd finished another project, I somehow couldn't resist looking at it. So Jon's suggestions have been implemented.

The biggest change is that, in version 1.104, when you click on a favourite folder (set up through the management utility) you will be able to select one or more files:

It will open each one for you and, as always, will also deal with Word, Powerpoint, PDF, or any other file you select, opening it in the correct application.

I also tweaked the "About" form so that you can click on the hyperlink to get to my site. (It actually used to be a double click, but that wasn't intuitive.) To help out even a bit more, I added a tooltip to it:

That feature is hardly a deal breaker, obviously, but it will make it easier for people to find me if they need to report an issue.

You can find out more about the (free) XLG Favourites Add-in and download it from this page on my main site. Instructions to install and start using it can be found here.

I'm also curious to hear what other features/enhancements people might want from this tool. Some features that I had been thinking of for the future include the following:

  • An Office 2007+ UI (I still haven't fallen in love with a design for the Ribbon implementation yet)
  • Foreign language support (so that I don't get any more emails telling me I can't spell favorite correctly.) 😉
  • Ability to clear the MS Office Most Recently Used (MRU) list
  • A flag to turn on/off favourite files being added to the MRU. (Currently it doesn't, but I find that frustrating sometimes.)
  • One user suggested that it would be nice to have favourite ranges within workbooks as well. Implementing that one concerns me a bit. (Do you store it in the database, or in a worksheet within the workbook? What happens when the file is renamed, moved or deleted?)

Any other things that you'd like to see?

4 thoughts on “XLG Favourites Updated

  1. Oh yeah, I thought about the hand cursor too, after I read about the implemented link. People will see that more prominently than a tooltip.

  2. If you do look at clearing the MRU in 2007 it would be good to:
    - clear out entries *except* those which are pinned
    - clear all pins (which would then mean you could do this step then the above to clear all out)

    If you do add files opened through XLG favourites add in to the MRU it might make sense to automatically pin them too - they are favourites after all...

    Keep up the great work!

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