Weird Word to Excel conversion

I seem to be tripping on some odd things with Excel lately. I was trying to take a list of stuff from Word and turn it into a table of data when I tripped on this one. It's a bit bizarre and a bit amusing… Try this:

Create a new Word document with the following:

(The bullets are important)

Copy the data and paste it in Excel. You should now get something that looks like this:

Now, go into cell A1, and copy the bullet and the spaces from the formula bar:

Highlight column A and choose Find/Replace. (On the Ribbon this is on the Home TabàFind & SelectàReplace)

In the box that comes up, paste the text you just copied into the "Find" section and click "Replace All"

Here's the result:

Wow! That's kind of funky! Yet when you click in A2, the formula bar shows the correct text:

Go figure! What happened is that the bullet character is actually in the Symbol font, but the rest of the text in the cell is in whatever your default font was in Word. Replacing the leading text applies that font to the rest of the cell. It was particularly frightening in my first view (on real data):

I thought I'd moved to another country!

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