Summit pics are coming…

I promise... they're coming.  I've eaten up the last couple of evenings working on something important, but hope to post pics within the next couple of days.

One a cool note, we finally got our new CRM software working yesterday at work.  It's a product called Lasso, and is a web based system to track customer interests, contact information and even real estate closings.
We've had the system for a couple of years now, but haven't really done much with it beyond hand post contact information into it.  We sent out our first emails yesterday to people who attended a trade show, and it worked like a charm.  Our hope is that we'll be able to use it to drive business our way, and we could sure use the help.  (Everyone could in this economy, couldn't they?)

There's still work to be done, such as linking the database to our website.  We'd like people to be able to sign up online without having to go through a human to do so.  In addition, we'd like them to be able to manage their own profile, logging in to update contact info and preferences, such as what types of things they'd like to hear from us about.  Our eventual goal is to use this to markte to people based on the things they'd like to hear about.  (Golf lessons, tournaments, weddings, lunch specials, real estate offerings, etc...)

We'll see how it all goes, but it's been a really big win for us.

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