I figured that I'd give this a shot, so we'll see where it leads.  I've set up a Twitter profile, and linked to it on right side of my main site (just under the RibbonX book on the right).

I'll have to be careful what I say during the summit, since I did sign an Non Disclosure Agreement with Microsoft, but I should be able to provide some non-confidential updates.  Weird thing though... within 32 minutes of signing up for an account, and before posting this, I already had my first follower.  That's just weird!

At any rate, I haven't spent more than 20 minutes with this, so if you want the RSS feed for it, it's here.  I'll try and figure out if I can stream it into the blog at a later date if I'm taken with it.

Right now, I can only wonder how much this is going to cost me, as I have to send updates via SMS (text message) from my phone... and I don't have a plan.  That may have to change!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I am struggling to understand Twitter, it seems like another refuge for those with nothing to say, and those who believe they have too little time/are too important to take the time to create a meaningful phrase.

    Anyway, when I signed up, I had a follower within 5 minutes. Who, the bloody government, that's who. They must follow any UK citizen that signs up. Just because I'm paranoid, ...

  2. LOL!

    I like to think I haven't skimped on meaningful phrases, but you can be the judge. I wanted something that I could shoot out a quick update, without having to go and log into the blog. Twitter does seem easier to manage in that respect, but I'm still not totally sold on it all yet. We'll see.

  3. Well Ken, one small example. Quote ... Waiting to board the Victoria Clipper for theride home...

    Without wishing to pick on you, you are far from the worst, but what has that twittering done to add to the sum of human enlightenment. That is the twitter equivalent to the mobile phone call ... I'm on the train home. In fact twitter and mobiles are manifestations of the same diseases to my view.

    I have joined, but I doubt that I will be active, and don't expect any enlightenment. I care not a jot about how much sleep person X got last night. I am following just a few people that I have got time for, but have yet to read anything that was worth the time I spent reading them.

    My big issue with it is what does it give that I can't get elsewhere. Sure, you say something and all your followers get it, you don't have to take the trouble to tell them. But if you did take that trouble, a) you would only do so when there is something worthwhile to say, b) you would write it better, not great email doesn't encourage that but better.

    Managing time is a huge problem for all us (as you well know!), so what do we do, as well as text messages, email, phone calls, blogs, RSS, and on, we add twitter as another information stream. We should be reducing them, not multiplying them.

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