Some welcome relief

We had a new staff member start at Fairwinds today.  After going through a few interviews, we finally found one who we felt would fit perfectly with our team, who demonstrated an appropriate level of experience.  The road has been anything but smooth.

Back in May we had hired one of those dream emloyees.  You could throw things to her, and she'd just run with them.  In addition, and almost as important, she clicked with all of our team members.  It was awesome.  About 1 1/2 months in, though, she had some personal issues surface at home, and ended up moving across the country to be closer to her family.  Despite my best efforts, and that of my team, we simply couldn't offer her anything to keep her at Fairwinds.  I don't know if there is anything more frustrating than being powerless while you lose someone really good.  Our entire team was very sad to see her go.

We advertised for a suitable replacement twice, with no resumes coming in that made the cut.  (Again, I want the RIGHT person.)  At that point, I decided to scale the position back a bit, and promote one of my existing staff into it.  This left the issue of trying to fill her position.  Another two rounds of ads, a few interviews, and we finally have someone!

This is huge to me, as it means that I have someone on staff to train our new staff member.  It also means that, at long last, I can start passing off some of my accounting work, as well as start training my promoted assistant in the systems field.

Oh... and for the record, we DID interview this person.  We ended up choosing someone else, as we felt that they'd be a better team fit.

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  1. Why didn't you ask me? All I would have required is an excessive package and relocation expenses.

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