RibbonX available in Kindle edition

J-Walk posted that his Excel VBA Programming for Dummies has been Kindled.  I was a little surprised to find out that RibbonX - Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon has as well!

I'll be completely honest here... I have a pretty limited idea of what this even is.  From what I gather, it sounds like a palm pilot style book reader.  I can't really see being interested in that myself, but there you go.  So if you've been waiting for it, now it's here.  🙂

5 thoughts on “RibbonX available in Kindle edition

  1. Over here they have just released a Sony portable eBook reader, I presume Kindle is something similar.

    Apparently, it can hold hundreds of books, somewhat akin to an iPod. I may be an old luddite, but it really misses the mark for me. Books are not like music, you don't have n hundred books that you suddenly decide that I must re-read Jude The Obscure again (for the 57th time). I read a lot, and usually have about 5-10 books on the go at a time, but I would think I am not the norm, and even 10 books is nowhere near 100.

    I find it hard enough to read papers (white..., not news...) on a screen, a book just would overwhelm, add a small screen to the mix ... oh my god. Anyway I like books, I like the tactile experience.

    As for RibbonX, it's hard enough to read in a book, never mind a iReader 🙂

  2. LOL!

    I may be an old luddite too, Bob. I'm not a big fan of reading on screen either. And call me biased, but the RibbonX book feels pretty good in my hands. 😉

  3. The Kindle is Amazon's hardware that is meant to compete with Sony's Portable Reading System. I have not used a Kindle. I own a Sony Portable Reading System and I really enjoy it. You can take it to the gym and do cardio and it works a whole lot better than a paper book. It also travels nicely. You probably wouldn't want to tote more than one to three books in your bag on a business trip. But with the Sony I've got 100 books in a form factor that is less bulky than a standard hardback.

    Overall, the Sony is a pleasure to use, but it's not perfect. Book load times aren't snappy; though once loaded the page turn times are acceptable. You have to buy an adapter if you want to charge off an outlet instead of through the USB cable. But by far the biggest concern is title availability. From what I've read online the Sony is better hardware. But I don't know if the title selection from Sony is as deep as Amazon's. And I can't see reading RibbonX on a Sony or a Kindle. I don't know about Kindle, but trying to flip from one chapter to another or look up a particular section might not be as simple as one might like.

    As far as reading on a screen goes, the Sony uses what they call "e-ink" and it is a whole lot easier on the eyes than trying to read on a normal laptop screen.

  4. Ken,

    Sorry to post off-topic comments, but here are two that deserve your consideration and might help me!

    #1 Have you thought about doing a version of your book for the VSTO based customizations to the Ribbon? You might recall, I had used your book to successfully navigate Ribbon modification using VBA, etc. Now I am trying to do this in VSTO, C#, and suffering from a lack of book / documentation.

    #2 Is there a way to localize Ribbon modifications? In other words, I want to be able to have my custom Ribbon labels be in displayed in the language based upon either user selection or locale/culture setting.


  5. Hi Kavindra,

    #1... no, I haven't. I don't know enough about VSTO to write an informed book on the subject. And honestly, even if I did try to make the jump in that direction, I'd lean towards VB.NET, not C#.

    #2 Personally I haven't, but I can think of a couple of possible approaches to this.

    -You could check the system language and use getLabel callbacks to deliver the appropriate text
    -You could provide a userform to choose the language (maybe write the choice to the registry with a lacking key indicating a default of English or some other language). Again, use getLabel callbacks to deliver the appropriate text

    I imagine that you'd need to maintain a VBA module that can determine the appropriate text. The approach I've seen done in PHP has a global language flag and a function to call for the appropriate text. i.e. GetMsgBoxText("English","Button1Label")

    Hope it helps,


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