When Applying for a job…

Some of you may recall I wrote up a post on things to check before you send your resume out for jobs.  Sadly, based on yet another job posting we've had here, I have to add this point:

Make sure you spell your own name correctly.  Or, if you are going to misspell it, don't include it written one way in your email address and resume, and another in your cover letter.

I seriously wish I was joking about this, but there you have it...

2 thoughts on “When Applying for a job…

  1. Do others have the same (irrational?) bias that I have towards people who cannot spell? I tend to feel that if that cannot spell, they won't be able to do the job well.

  2. Absolutely, Bob. I figure that if they can't take the time to spell check the resume, it probably means that they don't pay attention to detail very well.

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