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CNet posted a link to Royal Pingdom today, which was somewhat interesting. The actual article is on the popularity of certain social networking sites by world regions. To me, the interesting part was the world pictures, and just how many social networking sites we deal with today.

I'm a member of LinkedIn (which I actually do update,) and Facebook (which I rarely go to,) and have been invited to Orkut (although I never signed up.) MySpace I never got in to, and the rest I haven't even heard of.

To me, LinkedIn is the exception to this, but I find these kind of sites to be incredible time wasters without adding much value to me. Sure, they allow you to keep in touch with friends, and I'll admit that I find out more about my brother's life through Facebook than I do by phone calls, but still. They're just one more avenue to contact me, disrupt me and distract me from doing productive things.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Social networking. I personally prefer doing mine in forums though. But then, what can you say... I AM an accountant. Maybe being social just isn't in my blood. 😉

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