Java irks me…

I hate Java.

In my not so humble opinion, Java is by far the slowest executing programming language I've ever run into.  I know that it's supposed to be platform independant, but it truly makes me grind my teeth every time I have to use an app that is coded in that language.

I'm not sure what it is about the apps... the look and feel, they delays in execution, or maybe it is that java programmers don't seem to add the polish that other programmers do.  (Why can't I double click something and have it add to a listbox in any of the java apps I use?  It's a default behaviour in anything coded in other languages...)

A few more things that drive me crazy:

  • Java automatically installs its update manager as soon as you install it.  No choice, they just assume you always want it.  (I've usually taken to knocking it out of my boot configurations, as it drives me crazy.)
  • Every time you install an update, it installs a quasi-new install.  The old version and the new stay in your "programs" list.  Uninstall one version, though, and the all go, but the others remain in the list.

And the crowning one for me...

Tonight I installed version 6, update 5.  I had to deal with an error similar to that below no less than 4 times:


Clicking Retry (each time), let it complete the install.  Sorry, but send me the whole damn package to begin with.  I don't need to stare at messages from either your crappy programming, timeouts on the net, or whatever else caused this.  It's painfully obvious that this is not the way to deliver an application.

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