Issues with Firefox update?

I just installed the Firefox security update, and now I'm getting 3 "Failure in Chrome Registration" error messages each time I start Firefox.  In addition, it's disabled some of my addons (which I can only assume is what the errors are all about.  The addons that have been disabled for me are:

  • Google Toolbar
  • Fasterfox
  • IETab
  • ThinkVantage Password Manager (This is a Lenovo Thinkpad thing)

In addition, it has also caused the Littlefox theme to stop working.  Very frustrating.

Is anyone else seeing these kinds of issues?

5 thoughts on “Issues with Firefox update?

  1. Interesting... I just upgraded (at least, was notified that I did) on my Win XP machine. No Chrome issues at all. So maybe this issue is related to running Firefox on Vista?

  2. Strange this one. I just uninstalled Firefox, downloaded a full copy of and re-installed. Everything is back to working, my home page was maintained, and the only thing I had to do was activate the LittleFox theme.

    Back up and going. 🙂

  3. I think it is relate to ThinkVantage Password Manager
    Becasue it run normal until I click ThinkVantage Password Manager on the IE, then my firebox crash, i cannot uninstall it becasue it not install successful....

  4. Just saw this posted today.

    Problem that was missed by Firefox and will be fixed in the next update: (probably within a week)

    Bug 396695 - Add-ons are disabled after updating. Users can fix this problem by opening their profile folder and removing three files (extensions.rdf, extensions.ini and extensions.cache) Actual bug title was "Add-ons go into 'needs to restart' loop commonly after a firefox update"

    Make sure that Firefox is down when deleting the files.

    This is low impact (once fixed) as Firefox will simply rebuild the files with no loss of user settings.

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