Rant: Background apps that steal focus

I wasn't planning on putting up more than one rant a month, but this just bugs me...

I'm an accountant. I know how to type. It's month end. These three things are pretty important and related.

So here I am today banging in inventory numbers, one hand tracing down the list, and one hand flying over the number keypad as fast as I can go. Now, that's pretty darn quick, (if I don't say so myself,) and I'm also quite accurate, so I just don't need to look at the screen until I "feel" a number go wrong. (Seriously, I do this so much it's almost like breathing.)

After banging in a page of these things I look up, and there is Symantec's Antivirus scanner in the forefront happily chugging along. It took focus of the screen after line 3 of my entry, so I've happily plugged about 90% of my work into an interface that just doesn't care. Grr....

Why do applications like this pop up and take focus away from other apps? Do you honestly think I want to watch you scan every file? NO! Put an icon in the system tray and be done with it!

On a related note, I emailed one of our software vendor's yesterday asking them to remove their splash screen as well. It takes a minute to load the program the first time through, and their splash screen stays in the fore front of all programs while it does. While you can type into another program if you reactivate it, you can't see it for the splash screen. This is just ridiculous, IMHO. I pointed out that I spent a large amount of money on their program, knew what it was, used it daily, and didn't need to be reminded of that fact every time I opened it. Not very power-user friendly, IMHO.

At any rate, enough ranting. I'll try and post some technical content soon. 🙂

1 thought on “Rant: Background apps that steal focus

  1. Interestingly enough, the Vendor I emailed has fixed the issue of the "always in front" splash screen. They emailed me a couple of weeks ago about it. I finally got a chance to download and install the update, and it seems to work!

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