Only 40% of PC’s can run Vista?


CNet reported in an article today that a research firm estimates that only 40% of the 320 million current PC's around the world can run some flavour of Vista, and even some of those will need memory upgrades.  Further, they estimate that only 15% can run Vista premium editions.

Microsoft's answer, according to the article?  Don't upgrade, just go buy a new PC.

I'm not even going to touch on the enviornmental impacts of sending a bunch of otherwise decent machines to the landfills to make room for Vista...

While Vista is a sexy OS, I'd seriously have to question the wisdom of buying a new PC just to get it.  XP works, and will for a while yet, so if you don't really need a new PC to do what you do, why spend the money?  Why even upgrade to Vista at all?  (This coming from the geek who couldn't wait to try it out.)  Given my experience with it personally, I can't think of a compelling reason to upgrade at this point... unless one of the two following points are true:

  • You find software that you need which only runs on Vista
  • You were in the market to upgrade to a new PC anyway

My wife and I are in the latter, and will be looking at a new PC in a couple of months time.  At that point they'll come with Vista pre-installed, and hopefully the manufacturers will have had enough time to make sure they work well with Vista, not just that they work.

I'm curious to know how many of my readers here are planning on upgrading.  And if you are upgrading, are you buying a new PC to do it?  Are you upgrading some of your PC's components?  Or do you think your hardware is good enough?


6 thoughts on “Only 40% of PC’s can run Vista?

  1. Upgrade... in the near future...Not me

    We have 5 computers in our house.

    1 Laptop - XP Pro (my laptop)
    1 Desktop - XP Pro (Developement Machine with 2 hard drives for running multiple OS' and software using vmware)
    1 Laptop (Anita's) - XP Home
    1 Desktop (Charlies PC) - 2000 Professional

    In the loft is another HP Compaq small formfactor PC I bought ex-work for £25 and used to add memory & another hard drive to my development PC. It might one day replace Charlie's PC when I can be bothered to get the spanners out.

    As things stand, I don't need another PC just yet, so I can't see myself bothering to purchase an OS that probably will struggle to run on my current kit.



  2. I have Vista on my primary laptop, XP Professional on the wife's machine. I'm planning on upgrading it to Vista in the near future as well.

    I enjoy Vista like I enjoy the new Office 2007. It has such a lush environment for both the developer and the average user. I also appreciate how they have made Vista more family compatible for the non-IT Pro. You can set up administrator rights and user privilages much easier than previous operating systems.

    Of course there are still compatibility issues, especially with hardware. I can believe the 40% statistic. It certainly won't sway me though. For (what I consider) most people, I also don't think an upgrade is necessary. The same with Office 2007. It's great, and I love most of it, but it is not for everyone. 🙂

  3. Zack, I'm curious... what are the specs on your laptop, and what version of Vista are you running? I found that it ran like a dog on mine.

  4. I tried Vista on my 3GHz P4 with 1Gb RAM and it ran like a dog compared with XP Pro, so I reformatted and reinstalled XP.

    Maybe I'll try again when Service Pack 3 comes out!

  5. Ken,

    HDD is partitioned. I'm running an Intel Centrino Duo 2.0 Ghz, 2 GB RAM. On the first partition Vista Ultimate (64-bit) with all available updates; second partition contains Windows XP Professional w/ SP2.

    I've seen two other people install Vista with under 2 GB RAM and it ran very slow. You need to have a decent machine, so check with the Windows Upgrade Advisor. I'd like to get a little more memory as well, but I've been using my USB (2.0) memory stick to give me a speed boost (one of my fav new features of Vista).

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