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This probably isn't something that everyone would do, but I figured "what the heck"!

If you recall, back in December I posted about Google Analytics, as well as adding FeedBurner to track the number of subscribers here. In this post, I'm going to share some of that info. Please keep in mind that I haven't really publicized either site much, as this is not really a commercial venture for me. I like to share info, which is the point of the main site, but the blog is really just a place for me to sound off in a less formal environment. While I have Google Adwords on both, neither is really meant to become a full time job to solicit business. I get just enough consulting jobs to earn a little extra funds, which serves me just fine.

At any rate... I added a new "widget" to the left sidebar, just under the orange icons, which tells you how many people are subscribing to the site via RSS. At the time of this writing, there are all of 19. Not many, I know, but I find it flattering that there are even that many people who want to know when I've posted more of my ramblings. 😀

In general, I've been following the Feedburner stats since I installed it. It takes a couple of days before it starts tracking, but once it does, it spits out a report like the following:

Okay, so maybe it isn't the most impressive of all reports, but it tracks the ups and downs. It also fills in the gap for Google Analytics, which tracks basically everything else that you could want.

Again, my sites are not the busiest out there by any means. They're both growing constantly, though, which is great. Hopefully I'll remember to post the entire 2007 stats chart in December to see how it worked out.

Now, here's what I found interesting... I have Analytics installed for both my main site and the blog, and it tracks them separately. This is pretty cool, as I can get separate reports for each. This really showcases the differences that I have in my readership. Rather than let you guess about it, here's the Analytics dashboard for Excelguru.ca:

And the picture below is the dashboard for the blog:

What I found really amazing is the difference in the returning visitor stats. The blog has almost twice the rate of returning visitors that the main site does. Maybe that makes sense, given the higher volume of the main site.

Some other interesting differences:

  • The blog's Google referrals are 41.55% (the google.com number is 4.93%) vs the 69.89% of the Main Site. (59% vs 30% of visitors were referred by other websites.)
  • The blog visitors tend to read a higher average of pages... granted not much, but it's still higher
  • The geographic disbursement is similar, although it seems like there may be slightly less blog readers in the Middle East and Indonesia.
  • The blog stats are less volatile on weekends than the main site... but that could just be that the RSS subscribers turn their PC's on on weekends. 😉

So there you have it. That's the performance of my sites in a nutshell. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Web Site & Blog Stats

  1. Yeah, I guess you get more hits to the main site as it's been up longer and comes higher up in the Google ranking, so more one offers, but people do come back to a blog more, I guess that part of the point of a blog! Your getting a lot of hits on both sites - I don't think I get that many! - I might stick some thing up on my site like this too.

    Interesting ken, thanks for shearing!

    Your ever faithful reader,

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