I'm trying out a new script for the site, based on the feedback from my friend Will Riley, called Snap.

For the record, I've also seen Snap in action on one of my other friends sites (Dennis Wallentin's) as well, and had to check it out on Will's site as well.

Snap is a script that you can add to your web templates that will allow a pop-up preview of links contained in the text. It's also got a Search box on it, but the instant preview is the real selling feature. If you like, just try mousing over any of the copious amounts of links that I shamelessly included in this post. 🙂

So far, it looks pretty neat, but I'm concerned about the performance a bit. Does anyone find that it slows down the site, or is it still okay? Feedback on that would be appreciated, as the last thing I want to do is kill the site performance for a cool feature.

One thing I have noticed is that my "Write Post" pages in the WordPress control panel do sometimes have issues when I try to edit them if this script is on.

Okay, I can't stand posting any more shameless links now... like this one, to my main site. Okay, seriously, now I feel dirty... 🙂

Update on January 25, 2007

For anyone who is reading this who missed it, the Snap preview looked like the following picture when you moused over a link:

As you might have guessed, I've turned the feature off on my blog...

Earlier in the post, I'd made a comment about Snap affecting the content authoring/editing section of the blog. Because of this, I submitted a bug report to the Snap folks. In addition to what is below, I also pointed them back at this post, as I figure they appreciate the feedback they get. At any rate, here's what I submitted as my issue:

I find that when I'm editing a post in the Site Admin area, it sometimes doesn't finish loading. Instead of seeing a formatted blog post in process, I see all the {p} and {br} coding. Usually this appears briefly on the way to full load, but the full load doesn't happen with Snap installed. Ironically, clicking on the Save button completes the load, and then I have to click Save again.

I got a response from them today:

Thanks. Our tech team is aware of that. Sometimes Snap Preview Anywhere
and WYSIWYG editors do not play well together. Hopefully there'll be a
fix coming, but I'm afraid I can't say when.

I read your blog and wanted to point out that part of the speed issue
was temporary, and has been fixed, but still if there are lots of links
on a page, page loading can be a bit slow. But - happy day! - we have
some tips on how to speed that up, here:

I'm glad they took the time to acknowledge my reply and answer it. That's very cool and much appreciated. 🙂 I'm also glad they know about the editor issue and hopefully they can make a fix for it.

I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this feature on anyway, but this is serious enough for me that I cannot work with the product, as it makes editing posts virtually impossible.

3 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. I'm mixed on this. I find it usefull for some links, but not for all links, I don't think performace is a problem. I have a addin for FF that does the same thing, but you can control it with a key stoke with i think is a better way, but not a access to all users. I don't think i'll be sticking it on my blog.

  2. Don't like it. Superficially it looks good, but it doesn't really tell you anything about the linked page (except perhaps that it is so badly designed that you wouldn't go there), and is intrusive.

  3. Hi Bob,

    As you'll see by the edited post, I've disabled it anyway.

    In looking at it, it is kind of neat on the surface, but I tend to agree with your view on the preview. You can't tell much about the site at all. 🙂

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