One Week Till Christmas

Hello everyone!

Well, it's a week until Christmas, and our house is busy preparing for the big holiday.  I'm taking a little bit of time off over the next week, and will be back to work full bore on December 27th as we prepare to complete the year end.

So far we've got the tree up and the house lit, although we actually had that done a while ago.  The shopping is mostly done, and the baking is beginning. 🙂

We're lucky here in that both my wife's and my family get along really well, so we're continuing our tradition again here.  My parents and brother come over to the Island to stay with us, and we gather both families together at our house for dinner on Christmas eve.  My wife's parents live 5 minutes from us.)

Christmas morning is again held at our house, with my inlaws (mother, father, brother and his wife,) all coming over to open presents.  A pretty good time is had by all.

Finally, we head over to my inlaws house for Christmas dinner (including my parents).  We're joined there by great grandmother and an aunt as well.  (I think that there will be 13 of us in total this year.)  There'll be a great big turkey dinner with the usual fixings, as well as a great deal of wine consumed there, no doubt.  We tend to enjoy family gatherings.  😉

The sad thing is that due to the preparations, I'm not going to have as much time to post on the blog as I'd like.  I am working on some more Ribbon examples, even a real tutorial, but the posts may be pretty sporadic over the next week.

Happy holidays, everyone! 😀

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  1. Merry Christmas when the time comes Ken. I'll be taking a day off work as it's not a holiday over here to celebrate. Should be a nice long weekend 🙂

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