Visio Flowcharting Trick

Okay, so I don't use Visio much, but I stumbled on this and figured I'd share it. 🙂

This last week I've been busy at work flowcharting our "Member Dues Renewal" process, and jumped in to Visio 2003 to do it.  By accident, I found out that if you click the line connector tool, then drag your shapes from your stencil to the page, that it starts connecting them for you.  Pretty neat!

Now, if you have a shape on the page, click the tool, then drag a new shape on to the page, don't expect it to connect though.  But the next one will.  I guess it wouldn't know which exisitng shape (if you had many) to connect to, and it just connects to the last one you place while the line tool is active.

Just thought I'd share.  🙂

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