Rant – Clear Your Sidewalks

My wife and I went for a walk tonight.  As some of you have read in a previous post, we've had a bit of snow lately, (over a foot and a half at the end of it all.)  That ended last Thursday though.  Since then it's been cold, but for the last two days, it's been above 0 degrees (Celsius) and raining off and on.  The snowbanks here are still pretty high, but that's life.

Here's what irks me though... we have a bylaw in this city about clearing your sidewalks.  You are responsible for clearing any that front your property.  In our walk tonight, my neighbour and I were the ONLY ones who cleared theirs.  What is up with that?

It's not like there isn't traffic on these streets, either.  Kids walk to school down these roads every day.  So much so that the paths are trampled into ice in many spots and are as slippery as anything.  So why?

Four days ago, when it was still below freezing and hard to chip off, I'd understand.  But now that the temperature has been up for a few days, it's soft enough to break up when you scrape it off.

Again, the city dictates that you are responsible.  In our litigious society, you could be sued if someone slips and hurts themselves on your sidewalk, but that should not be your main motivation.  The thought of a someone getting hurt should be enough.

2 thoughts on “Rant – Clear Your Sidewalks

  1. Hummm, sounds like a bit of a jippy law to me Ken. If i have to clear the sidwalk, then what else can i do with it? Sounds like you city is making you do the work it should be ;-(.

    Also what if I'me like 80 years old, and there 3 foot of snow outside my house - I might not be able to clear that!

  2. Jippy or not, that's the bylaw. If the sidewalk fronts your house, you are responsible for clearing it.

    With the rest, I'll make an allowance for an 80 year old with even 1 foot of snow. Granted, we had more than that foot, but you cannot tell me that the 40 houses I passed, none of whom had cleared their sidewalks, were ALL lived in by 80 year olds. 🙁

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