You have to love the internet

As you can see from reading the frame here, I use WordPress to power the blog. I wasn't really happy with the skin, though, so I took a browse through the WordPress theme gallery, and found the Cordobo-Green-Park theme. It was exactly what I wanted... only it was green. I really liked the layout, but not the colour.
And so here comes the power of the net. I accidentally found this page, which happens to be all about adjusting this theme to use the exact colours I want!

I've never used GIMP before, so didn't know if I'd like it. I also didn't know if it would run on Vista. Rather than clutter my PC, I created a new Virtual PC (using a differencing disk off my master), and had a fresh WinXP OS up an running in five minutes. I downloaded and installed GIMP, and followed the awesome instructions at the afore mentioned link to customize my skin. Perfect!

The only comment I have on the tutorial is that I had to do tons of gif and png images, but it didn't take too long, and I'm way happier with the look of the site now.

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