Activating Windows…

I found this... weird...? Intrusive? I'm not really sure...

I was surfing around some forums for the last hour, and suddenly a little message box popped up letting me know that my system was activating Windows (Vista.) Now don't get me wrong, my copy is legal, so there is nothing to be concerned about there. In fact, the only reason it wasn't activated during the install phase is that my wireless router is secured, and Windows couldn't access it at that point. I'd actually even forgotten that I hadn't activated it yet.

What kind of bugs me, though, is that I wasn't even asked. Here I am, just surfing around, and up pops the dialog. "Activating Windows", followed shortly by a nice little message to say that it was successful. But what if I planned to blow the entire system away and rebuild it tomorrow, so didn't want to activate it? I've only had this installation running for 3 days!

Okay, maybe I'm just being grumpy about this, but I'm sure some privacy expert could come up with a valid reason why I should be concerned about this. Again, if asked I would have done it. But to have it forced on my after only three days? To me, it just felt wrong. 🙁

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  1. I tune my firewall to stop any shell access to the net with out my say so, but yeah I agree with you on this one. Also if MS can do it (activate with out your say so) then it mean that anyone else can also.

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