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    Some of the really cool charts that we can build in Excel involve the trick of combining multiple chart types together to make them happen. In this article, we’ll build one of those; a temperature chart that not only shows the forecasted high and low temperatures, but also the season highs and lows. The beauty of this chart is that it provides a lot of information, some of which essentially fades into the background until you really need it.
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    My table is as such:
    Column B: Names
    Column E: Remainder
    Column K: Criteria is True or False.

    I need a formula that searches...

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    I don't think that COUNTIF itself will work, but it can be done using SUMPRODUCT, if that helps.
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    I was also going to suggest:



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    If statements

    What are all those AND(...)s doing in there?; they seem at first sight to be superfluous.
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