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    want to autopopulate dropdown values

    In Template Sheet, if I select Brand(H) , corresponding Model(I) has to autopopulate and if I select Model(I) ,corresponding Type(J) has to autopopulate....

    vrkpalla Today, 11:10 AM Go to last post


    Ok, thank you everyone, but I think I'll have to do it someway diferent. ...

    Icepeak Today, 09:41 AM Go to last post

    Edit protected cells

    I need to allow users to edit cells that are filled from a userform but I don't want to reveal the password to the workbook. I thought a double click...

    paulgfscb Yesterday, 09:29 PM Go to last post

    Editing OFT from Excel

    It's not the template. If i remove de replace line, the template is well displayed in Outlook

    'oMail.HTMLBody = Replace(oMail.HTMLBody,

    Sylvain Yesterday, 09:00 PM Go to last post

    Converting UK dates to US dates

    I received some data from our partners in the UK and the dates are all in UK date formats. I am attaching a small sample of the file. Is...

    pandyav Yesterday, 08:56 PM Go to last post