• Useful Excel Add-ins

    I try all of the add-ins I recommend, and won't recommend them unless I believe they are worthwhile (particularly if there is a charge!) Each of those listed below are helpful tools that I have no problem recommending.

    General Purpose Add-ins (Free)
    • ASAP Utilities
      • ASAP utilities is a standard install procedure for many advanced Excel users. Another addin full of great stuff!

    • Name Manager
      • Jan Karel's name Manager is an essential add-in for working with names.

    VBA Add-ins and Tools (Free)
    • MZ Tools
      • If you do any VBA developing, you need this addin. It is loaded with useful tools such as a code reviewer and much more to speed up your development process.

    • Smart Indenter
      • An awesome little add-in that makes indenting all of your code very simple. I find it really helps to know if you have an issue in a Case or If block, among other things.

    • PDF Creator
      • A free PDF writer utility that supports VBA.

    General Purpose Add-ins (Nominal Cost)

    Random Data Generator is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel 2003-2010 that lets you easily create fake, randomly generated personal and demographic information in Microsoft® Excel. No VBA skills required!

    This data can be used in applications such as PivotTables, macros, charts, tutorials, web demos, databases — anywhere that fake test data is needed, without using actual personal information (which may be protected by Sarbanes-Oxley [SOX] and/or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA]).


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