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    • Anne Troy's Office Articles
      • Anne has over 230 articles and tutorials available for the MS Office suite! Well worth the read!

    • Andy Pope's "AJP Excel Information"
      • Andy's site is very heavy on Charts, with lots of great pictures and examples. He's also got a collection of Excel based games as well.

    • Bob Phillips xlDynamic
      • Bob's site contains very comprehensive papers on Excel formulas and VBA. My personal favourite is his explanation of Multiple Condition tests using Sumproduct.

    • Chip Pearson's Excel Information
      • Chip has an incredible amount of information on his site, including using the Windows API to get at things not accessible through VBA alone.

    • Colo's Junk Room
      • Colo has all kinds of neat things at his site, including a Class Module tutorial, and tips for teaching VBA programmers how to program in javascript. (This site went offline back in 2011, but the link above accesses the most recent copy via the Wayback Machine.)

    • Deskbright
      • Sam McIntire's goal is to help people succeed at their work, and where better to start by hosting examples using a variety of functions within Excel?

    • Excel-easy.com
      • Niels Wetterings' has a great site with lots of easy examples to follow.

    • Ivan F Moala's Xcel Files
      • If it can't be done in Excel, Ivan will have an example of how it can... A site full of truly amazing information and undoubtedly bookmarked by every Excel developer. (This site went offline back in 2012, but the link above accesses the most recent copy via the Wayback Machine.)

    • Jan Karel Pieterse's JKP-Ads
      • Jan Karel Pieterse is the author of the Name Manager and a MS Excel MVP.

    • John Walkenbach's Excel Information
      • Author of the Excel VBA Power Programming series... a MUST have book for any aspiring VBA programmer!

    • Jon Peltier's Site
      • Jon's site is the first place I look if I need to know how to do somthing with Charts in Excel.

    • Mark Rowlinson's Code Net
      • Mark has some great articles including coverage of Visual Basic, Office and Web programming. My particular favourite is his tutorial on Passing arrays to and from functions. (This site went offline in 2013, but the link above accesses the most recent copy via the Wayback Machine.)

    • MVPs Excel sites
      • The above is the direct link to the MVPs.org Excel site listing. It lists all of the Excel MS MVPs and alumni sites

    • Ron de Bruin's Excel Pages
      • If you need to know something about sending email from Excel, this is the place to go. If you're looking for Outlook, Outlook Express or CDO, Ron has examples.

    • Rick Grantham - The small business champion

    • Russell Proctor's Better Solutions
      • Russell has a bunch of information for Word, Excel and powerpoint and general programming. (This site went offline in 2014, but the link above accesses the most recent copy via the Wayback Machine.)

    • Stephen Bullen's Office Automation
      • Stephen Bullen is one of the true Guru's of Excel, and co-author of Professional Excel Development, among other things. His site has some great utilities available for download.


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    What function can i use

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    What function can i use

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