• Excel Blogs

    Excel Blogs
    • The Ken Puls Blog
      • Okay, it's a shameless plug, but this is my own blog, which serves as my testing ground for Excel related material, among other things.

    • Bacon Bits
      • Mike Alexander's Excel Blog. Excel during the week and bacon recipes on the weekend

    • Contextures
      • Debra Dalgleish's Blog focussing on Office and productivity

    • Excellentias.com
      • Daniel CedeŮo's blog, written in Spanish. Full of articles, tutorials, tips, courses and great resources to learn how to get the best out of Microsoft Excel

    • Excel.TV
      • Rick, Oz and Jordan cover Excel tips and news. This site's Excel hotness is measured a 5/5 on the sriracha sauce scale!

    • Launch Excel
      • More than just a blog... Victor Chan has blog posts, videos and downloadable templates

    • .Net & Excel Blog
      • Dennis Wallentin's blog with a very specific focus on .Net and Excel

    • PowerPivotPro
      • Rob Collie's (formerly of the Microsoft PowerPivot team) blog on PowerPivot


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    1. solutiontogo's Avatar
      solutiontogo -
      Hi Ken,

      We have started a new Blog with useful information on cutting edge excel relating to finance, dashboards etc.
      Do consider adding it to your list . It is called Solutiontogo

      Thanks and Regards
    1. mashalsayed2002's Avatar
      mashalsayed2002 -
      How do yo start a Thread on forum? Can't seem to find the place to post my question. Anyone? pls
    1. Ken Puls's Avatar
      Ken Puls -
      Quote Originally Posted by mashalsayed2002 View Post
      How do yo start a Thread on forum? Can't seem to find the place to post my question. Anyone? pls
      Hi there,

      Once you're logged in, click the Forum tab, navigate into the appropriate sub forum and look for the big blue button that says "Post New Thread" (near the top.)
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    Ken Puls

    Making Pivot Table Hyperlinks Clickable

    If youíve ever built a PivotTable that contains hyperlinks, youíll notice that clicking the hyperlinks doesnít do anything. This can be a bit frustrating as the reason you put that field on the Pivot in the first place is that itís valuable information you want to use. When you click the hyperlink,... read more
    Ken Puls 2013-10-31, 01:58 AM
    Ken Puls

    Temperature Forecast Chart

    Some of the really cool charts that we can build in Excel involve the trick of combining multiple chart types together to make them happen. In this article, weíll build one of those; a temperature chart that not only shows the forecasted high and low temperatures, but also the season highs and lows. The beauty of this chart is that it provides a lot of information, some of which essentially fades into the background until you really need it.
    ... read more
    Ken Puls 2013-03-21, 05:04 AM
    Ken Puls

    VLOOKUP for Pictures

    Something that can be very handy when youíre building a dashboard is to return a certain picture depending on a condition. We can use VLOOKUP to look up data in a table and return the corresponding value from a different column, but unfortunately we canít do that with pictures... or can we?

    This example shows how to accomplish the equivlanet of a picture VLOOKUP, and is based on looking up a picture to display the appropriate... read more
    Ken Puls 2013-03-14, 05:47 AM
    Ken Puls

    Understanding How Conditional Formatting Rules Are Applied

    Conditional formatting in Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to dynamically format cells depending on the values of that or other cellsí data. In Excel 2007 the conditional formatting engine was re-written, opening things up to allow more than 3 conditional formats on any cell, as well as conditional formats that could overlap ranges. All in all, these were fantastic improvements that can lead to some very versatile and useful worksheets.

    Unfortunately, the user interface to control conditional formatting is not the most intuitive. The purpose of this article is to help you understand the way Excel applies rule precedence so that you can build powerful formatting rules of your own, without getting frustrated along the way.
    ... read more
    Ken Puls 2013-01-22, 06:30 AM