My full website, located at www.excelguru.ca, is very much a technical site devoted mostly to Excel developers. I take great pride in publishing well thought out and well tested articles there. I'm fairly happy with the results so far, but wanted another avenue to post things in. While I love the site, I have personal standards which prevent me:

  • Posting a quick article without extensive testing
  • Posting my personal opinions on non-technical issue
  • Allowing comments on existing articles (I appreciate comments, and reply to all that are emailed to me. I just prefer not to have them on the static pages.)

This blog is going to let me solve some of those issues. I plan on posting here more frequently than I can possibly do so while generating good technical articles. While some of my blog posts may be technical, some will not. I plan on posting some of the funny things I see in life, some of the activities I'm involved in, some of the serious issues I see, and maybe even vent a little.  In short, you get to see what make me... me.
In all cases, I welcome people to comment on what I say, for good or for ill. Just don't be rude, and we'll all get along fine. :)

Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. A while ago I purchased Office 2007. However I disliked the way the menu/toolbar customizations of the former version were converted into the Add-ins tab. So I very soon decided to rethink them and write the whole thing over from scratch.

    Your blog was a very big help to do that. As I progressed with my work I realized that there was very little documentation on the Internet on this subject. So I decided to write a little tutorial myself and published it on my website today.

    Of course I put a link to your blog in my 'Some usesful links' section (http://wv-be.com/Ribbon.asp). I would appreciate it if you could do the same for my page.


    Willy Vanhaelen
    Waversebaan 145/4
    3001 Leuven, Belgium
    Tel: +

  2. Hi Willy,

    Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad the blog was useful. Interestingly, I actually have a blog post in progress on the shared namespace aspect for multiple workbooks.

    I'll add your site to my RibbonX TOC page. :)

  3. Hi Ken. I am trying to copy two different operations into a "This workbook". One is the "disable cut copy paste" function that I found and the other is the "force user to enable macros" so that the disable cut copy paste function will automatically run. However, I get an error message when I put in both of these functions. How can I run two different functions simultaneously in the "This workbook" area? I hope I have explained this sufficiently. Thanks!

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